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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

5 Tips for Choosing a Great Engagement Ring

5 Tips for Choosing a Great Engagement Ring by Knox Jewelers

Your engagement ring is the most important, and certainly the most meaningful piece of jewelry you will ever buy. If things go as planned, your new spouse will be wearing that ring for the rest of their life. So getting something like this right is essential. 
Unfortunately, shopping for an engagement ring is not something that comes naturally to many men (or women). It is not always easy to distinguish a great quality engagement ring from one of poorer quality, and you cannot afford to rush into such a major purchase.

#1. Be Prepared to Compromise
In a perfect world the engagement ring you choose would have a perfect cut, exceptional clarity, a lovely color and a generous carat weight. But that rock would also come with an eye-popping price tag.
In the real world of budgetary constraints, compromise is the watchword. If you want a huge stone, you may have to compromise on its cut, color and/or clarity. If sparkle is your number one consideration, you may have to settle for a slightly smaller diamond to get one that looks great.
#2. Consider Estate or Vintage Jewelry
There is just something special about an engagement ring with a story behind it. Estate and vintage jewelry stores are perfect places to find some truly unique engagement rings, so put them on your shopping list as another consideration.
Also check out local estate sales, auctions and even thrift shops. You never know when you will find a true diamond in the rough.

  #3. Look at the Quality of the Setting
Even the most sparkling diamond will do you no good if the setting is poorly made. There is nothing worse than losing that beautiful diamond due to a failed clasp or other setting defects.
Always check the tightness and quality of the setting and give it as much weight as the quality of the stone itself. And always insist on a guarantee that promises to replace the diamond in the event of a defect or setting failure.

  #4. Save Money with Odd-Size Carat Sizes
 No matter your shopping budget, it is important to get the help you need before you start shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Here are 5 practical tips you can use to pick the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse. 

Diamond prices tend to increase sharply at quarter, half and full-carat designations, i.e. a half-carat diamond will cost far more than a comparable quarter-carat one.
To avoid this dilemma, try shopping in odd carat sizes. If you want a full-carat ring, look for one with a carat rating of .96. That .96-carat stone will be indistinguishable from a full-carat one, and you will save a lot of money. 

 #5. Consider the Shape
There is no rule that engagement rings must be round. In fact, some of the most attractive rings out there are odd-shaped, and those odd-shaped stones can save shoppers a lot of money.
Look at engagement rings in all shapes and sizes, from smart and beautiful heart-shaped rocks to lovely ovals and marquise cuts. Just make sure the stone you choose is a good match for your future spouse's taste and style. You can tell a lot about what she likes by simply looking in her jewelry box.
Shopping for the perfect engagement ring can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. Educating yourself before you go shopping and knowing what to look for can help you get the most for your money and end up with an engagement ring your future spouse is sure to love.


Knox Jewelers is a Minneapolis-based fined jewelry and wedding ring designer. They have a huge reputation for creating unique and custom engagement rings in all shapes and styles. They are members of the Platinum Council and have a true passion for both jewelry and marriage. Feel free to browse their wide selection of rings at knoxjewelers.biz, or drop by their showroom in Minneapolis, MN.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Radisson Minneapolis / St Paul North - Tasting

Got to participate in Radisson Minneapolis / St Paul Norths tasting last night.   What a great turnout and such fabulous food!  Wow!

Participating vendors:
ButterCream Cakes & Desserts
Complete We Do
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Delight Photography
MuddyPaws CheeseCake

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Photography + Videography = Bundle & Save

Many times I am asked if we offer videography, along with our photography.  I’m happy to announce that Delight Photography can now offer our brides and clients video through a unique relationship with Zandolee Mediaoffering competitive prices for Top Tier Wedding Videography.

Check out Zandolee Medias - 30 second clip - Who Will You Trust?

Zandolee Medias current ZNews ....1K giveaways to their clients,  and upcoming series with Rachel Latuff, hosting their new series featuring the Best Kept Secrets Among Wedding Vendors.

Please ask about our
 Bundle & Save: Photography + Videography offer
when booking your event!
Subject to availability.  New Client Bookings.

http://www.delightphotography.com   http://www.zandoleemedia.com

Western Engagement Session at Hope Glen Farm

What a fun western style engagement session at Historic Hope Glen Farm.
Congrats Rebecca + Dan!   I cannot wait to capture the romance at your wedding this year!  
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delight photography, delightphotography.com

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delight photography, delightphotography.com

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delight photography, delightphotography.com

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delightphotography.com, delight photography

delight photography, delightphotography.com

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Western Engagement Photo Session at Historic Hope Glen Farm, Cottage Grove, Mn.